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House Manual

Hot Tub Guidelines:


Our hot tub is a popular feature that many guests love, and we want to ensure you have a great experience while using it. Please follow these instructions for safe and proper use:

Opening the hot tub cover: There is a QR code you can scan that will take you through the process.


The hot tub cover is quite large and heavy. It is best to have 2 people open. First flip the first part so it sits on the second part, then place one hand on the cover and the other on the lift and push together.

Ensuring proper ventilation: When using the hot tub, it's important to maintain good air circulation in the room to prevent condensation and humidity buildup. Before entering the hot tub, please turn on the ceiling fans and open the windows. The fans can be turned on using the wall switch near the door, and the windows can be opened by unlocking and sliding them open. Please ensure the sliding door into the mail house is closed as it will cause the home to become warm and moist.


Please ensure that the floating device remains inside the hot tub at all times as it is there to sanitize and clean. Please do not take it out or put it in the filter chamber.




Locking the hot tub room:

For your safety and the security of the property, we kindly request that you lock the hot tub room when not in use. The main door and the sliding door. To lock the main door, simply turn the deadbolt located on the inside of the door. To lock the sliding door, slide the lock up. Be sure to leave the sliding door UNLOCKED if you are leaving the property and just lock the digital door so you don't accidentally lock yourself out. Ensuring front door and deck sliding door are also locked.

Drinks and Food:

Please no glass IN or around the tub. We ask that you also don't have drinks in the hot tub. With any liquids or foods dropped in the water can cause the PH level to become unbalanced and we want to ensure hygiene and safety for all. Please keep to dry land.



Please hang towels outside if weather permits. There are two pieces of plank attached the fence that fits towels and suits perfectly.





There is a QR code you can scan that will walk you through.


One remote controls the TV and sound bar. The TV may show its on mute, just press the volume up until you see lights on the left hand side of the sound bar. We have an amazon stick and use TeaTv as a free streaming service. If you use any of your subscription accounts like Prime/Amazon/Disney, please ensure you log out before you leave. You can press the Blue Button and say "Alexa, play music"


General House Rules:

No smoking: Smoking of any kind is not allowed inside the house or near any open windows or doors. If you must smoke, please do so outside and dispose of cigarette butts responsibly. There is a can there for your convenience. There will be a $250 additional cleaning fee if there is any sign of smoke from cigarettes, vape , pot and/or any other kind of substance.


Fire Table:

The fire table is there for you to enjoy, please use caution around propane and ensure that the propane tank is turned off once you are done. Wait until cool before putting the tarp back on. To turn on, PUSH in and turn to the left. To turn off just turn to the right.


The BBQ is there for you to enjoy, please use caution around propane and ensure that the propane tank is turned off once you are done. For your convenience, there are two BBQ mats that are so nice to use and reduce cleaning. We ask that you do clean them once done. There are BBQ utensils for your convenience.



Quiet hours:

To respect our neighbours, please observe quiet hours between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM.




We love them, we just ask that they not be left alone or on the furniture. If you must leave them for a short period, please have them wait in the hot tub room with no access to main house or in a crate if you brought one. Please enjoy our complimentary dog bed, bowls and towels which you will find in the bench across from the fridge. We also ask you clean up after your pets with the complimentary poop bags. We have a dog as our neighbour who can be very chatty. He is on an invisible fence but just likes to let you know he is there.



Check-in and check-out:

Check-in time is at 4:00 PM, and check-out is at 11:00 AM. Please let us know if you require any flexibility with these times, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.




Please treat our home as if it were your own and keep it clean and tidy during your stay. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.



Garbage and recycling:

There are designated bins for garbage, recycling and compost. Please make sure to dispose of all waste in the appropriate containers and remove your garbage into the large bins outside at the end of the property.




The Wi-Fi network name and password can be found on the welcome card provided in the hall way.

Country Living:

We are nestled in the heart of the country. In the warmer months, ants, earwigs. mosquitos, black flies and other of mother natures buzzing offspring can be annoying. We have a screened in porch for you to enjoy nature. We ask that you secure all doors to keep out as many of these pests as possible. Feel free to use the screen doors to allow a breeze in. You also may occasionally see other animals like, skunks, raccoons, frogs and even mice. Rodents don't ask permission to take up residence but we do everything in our power to ensure they do not make an unwanted appearance. We have regular screening of our property to ensure a rodent free environment and every room including the kitchen and the hall way are equipped with rodent deterrents. We ask that you do not remove or unplug these devices. In the odd circumstance that a furry critter does make an appearance, we ask that you notify us immediately and we will do our best to rectify in a timely manner.




In Case of Emergency:

For any emergencies, please call 911 immediately. There is a first aid kit located under the kitchen sink along with a fire extinguisher , and the nearest hospital is Alberton located at 148 Poplar St, Alberton. For non-emergency issues or any questions regarding your stay, please don't hesitate to contact us. All emergency contact information is located on the wall next to the fridge.




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