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Embrace the Winter Wonderland: Your Ultimate Guide to Winter Tourism on PEI!

As winter descends upon the charming landscapes of Prince Edward Island, a magical transformation takes place. Beyond the summer hues, the island dons a pristine white coat, setting the stage for a winter wonderland waiting to be explored. At Ye Olde Sailor, we're thrilled to invite you to experience the thrill of winter tourism like never before.

Snowmobiling Extravaganza

PEI is not just a summer paradise – it's a snowmobiler's dream come true! Picture yourself cruising through scenic trails and frozen river surrounded by a blanket of snow-covered trees and the crisp winter air kissing your cheeks. At Ye Olde Sailor, we offer the perfect launchpad for your snowmobiling adventure. Our strategic location near the renowned TransCanada Trail ensures easy access to some of the best snowmobiling routes on the island.

Glide Across Frozen Beauty

For those who love the elegance of gliding on ice, the island offers enchanting opportunities for ice skating. Lace up your skates and dance across frozen ponds or take a twirl on outdoor rinks surrounded by the serene winter landscape. And when your fingers start to feel the chill, retreat to the warmth of Ye Olde Sailor, where our indoor hot tub awaits, promising to thaw out the winter chill and rejuvenate your spirit.

Indulge in Winter Luxury at Ye Olde Sailor

Our accommodations are more than just a place to stay – they are a part of your winter adventure. After a day of thrilling snowmobiling or graceful ice skating, unwind in our cozy rooms adorned with nautical charm. And here's the best part – our indoor hot tub beckons, offering a soothing haven for you to relax and relive the day's winter escapades with breathtaking views of the snow covered river.

Book Now

Are you ready to turn your winter getaway dreams into reality? Book your stay at Ye Olde Sailor now and unlock the secrets of winter tourism on PEI. Whether you seek the adrenaline rush of snowmobiling, the grace of ice skating, or the ultimate relaxation in our indoor hot tub, we've got it all. Your winter adventure awaits – don't miss out on the magic!


Join us at Ye Olde Sailor and make this winter a season to remember. Experience PEI like never before – a winter playground where adventure meets luxury.

Warm up to winter at Ye Olde Sailor – your gateway to the extraordinary.


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